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Break The Rulez Promo Codes – Get them HERE!

Whatever you call them – coupon codes – promo codes – discount codes – people love to get a bargain! Saving money is always in fashion!

And it’s very common these days for promo codes to be offered online offering instant significant savings!

One such online retailer that offers substantial discount codes as well as freebies and special offers is the cutting edge women’s clothing store Break The Rulez.

In addition to offering free shipping on orders above $50. Break The Rulez has some secret discount codes that you can use to apply towards your order to save big.

Some of these are available from their emails and are time limited sales, whereas others are offered via their spin to win newsletter signup game. These are the biggest discounts and go all the way up to 50%.

Simply visit any section including Jewelry at the Break The Rulez online store and look for the gift box on the left side or wait 20 seconds for the spin to win wheel to pop up. You can then enter your email and spin to win a 50% off coupon code. Combine this huge 50% discount with the free shipping on an order of $50 or greater and you have just bought everything at their cost (OR BELOW)! That’s a huge win! Save big money by doing this sneaky loophole shopping hack!

So the best option is to play their spin to win so you can get the 50% discount and use it with free shipping.

That code is only good once though and if you signed up and played you can only do it one time.

We’ve got you covered though. Here are 2 current online discount coupon promo codes for BreakTheRulez

20% OFF Discount Code use: 2XHH72

$5. OFF Promo Code use: 5HH549

As far as we know these coupon codes will not expire however they are for use one time only per customer.

Happy Shopping!

note: Not break the rules – rulez has a z

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