Providing Details About Divorce Records Missouri

The implementation of the Freedom of Information Act has mandated the local government of the state to open its access to the public documents. Divorce Records Missouri is one of the documents that the residents of the state can access.

Divorce records in Missouri are requested by the local residents to use for a number of reasons. One is to use it for government transactions. A divorcee needs to update their status in the government records and one of the required documents that need to be submitted is the divorce records. Any transactions that involve the finances of the couple would call for a copy of a divorce certificate. Application for remarriage would call for a copy of the divorce certificates. This is to prove ones marital status. In addition to that, such document is also used as a reference when conducting a background check especially when looking up information about the marital status of an individual.

A divorce record in Missouri would show details about the separation of a married couple. One would know the exact place and time where the divorce has been filed. The complete names of the divorcees are also indicated on the file. There are certain details that are not seen in a public divorce file. One cannot see the reason why the couple opted for divorce. Also, the name of the individual who filed the petition for divorce is kept confidential to respect their privacy. Details about the custody of the children also remain private along with the division of the couple’s properties and assets.

In order to obtain a copy of a divorce certificate in the state of Missouri, one has to go to the Clerk of the Circuit County in the county where the separation was filed. The office of the Vital Statistics office at the Department of Health does not release a copy of such document; however, they can help by verifying the information and providing details as to where the document can be requested. One has to prepare $15 for the processing fee. The state has kept records since July of 1948.

In order to get access to the divorce records of the state, one has to submit the request form that contains the details about the document being requested. Also the form should have the personal details of the one who filed the request. Although the document is a public file, not everyone has the freedom to access the file. Only the divorcees are allowed to request for a copy of their divorce papers unless an authorization letter is presented.

The state of Missouri now allows the retrieval of online divorce records. This basically hastens the retrieval process. Residents of Missouri prefer to search for the record online since it is faster and convenient. The accuracy of the search is not a problem because the official website of the state is linked to several websites in order to provide the best possible result. There are even sites that offer free public re cords search.

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