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It may seem strange that people would make the request for copies of divorce records like Cook County GA Divorce Records when divorce is certainly something that would involve only the couple who had gotten divorced and perhaps their families the reason that divorce records are being requested, however, would have more to do with the fact that the fact of the divorce is something that would alter the status of the person who had gotten divorced, and since such alteration is something that would involve the whole world it is easy to see why people would make the request for copies of the records.

At the outset, it must be noted that there can be no divorce without marriage, and it is the fact of the marriage that actually changes the status of the person. The change in the status of the person is comprehensive enough that the whole world would be bound by the change, and along with that change of status would come rights and responsibilities as well as duties and obligations that would bind the person who had gotten married and the whole world wherever the person may go. The fact that a person had gotten a divorce would mean that the status of the person would return to what it was prior to the marriage, and along with that alteration, the rights and obligations imposed by t he marriage upon the married person would also be taken away from him, to be replaced by rights and obligations that the person may have lost because of the fact of the marriage.

It must be noted that these records are not public records and are available only to certain persons who are either related to the couple who had gotten divorced or are the actual parties to the divorce. For those who are not related to the couple, it is possible to make the request for copies of divorce records certification, which is essentially a certification from the government that there are records of divorce in their archives corresponding to the name of the couple. For most tribunals, such certification is competent evidence to prove the fact of the divorce given that the records of the divorce would not have been made without a valid divorce in the first place.

A person making the request for copies of the records has the option of making the request at the state level or the county level, though most people would typically make the request at the county level as such offices are faster and more efficient, not to mention easier to go to. Depending on the method of the request, they could also provide the information in question faster and more efficiently, though note that they have limited resources as they only keep copies of records for divorces granted within their jurisdiction.

Cook County Divorce Decree may also be found online through the use of online databases. While these databases are not official sources, they could present information that would practically be the same as that which could be found from the official sources, albeit with the proviso that records fond at these databases could not be used for official purposes as they are not official sources.

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